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Prime is a developed student services agency located in Kuwait and covers the academic demands of students planning to study abroad. Since the establishment in 2017, Prime provides professional services of applying to universities and certified English language institutions and obtaining academic offers.

The cooperation and agreements done with world highly ranked academic institutions all over the world makes Prime capable of satisfying all academic ambitions, especially that this the era of quality learning and guaranteed bright future. All services with Prime are offered for free. No matter what study course or university you are looking forward to join, we can guide you to reach your target.

Open (Apply now) page and follow the simple steps clearly shown to submit your application online and enjoy our quick and professional service. Prime has more than 300 agreements with different academic institutions around the world in different studying stages. We had helped a large number of students from all nationalities to complete the processes of applying and obtaining their academic offers.

Prime also guides them to finish all required steps of applying to student Visa prior their traveling, and provides appropriate transportation and residential choices after they arrive to the place of study.

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Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM

Monday: 10 AM - 6 PM

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Prime Student Services

Email: info@prime-apply.com

Phone: +965 22022090

Eng. Abdullah

Email: A.Badran@prime-apply.com

Phone: +965 99414848

Taher Sayed

Email: Taher@prime-apply.com

Phone: +965 97334437


Email: Jumana@prime-apply.com

Phone: +965 99060704

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Kuwait City - Sharq - Ahmad Tower - 16th Floor

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